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The '''Entomological Society of Stettin''' () or '''Stettin Entomological Society''', based in Szczecin|Stettin (Szczecin), was one of the leading entomology|entomological societies of the 19th century. Most Germany|German entomologists were members, as were many from England, Sweden, Italy, France, and Spain. The society had very large collections and a very comprehensive library. This first German entomological society was formed in 1839. Following the death at age 39 of its first and short-lived president,Dr. Wilhelm Ludwig Ewald Schmidt, Carl August Dohrn (1806-1892), a lifelong resident of the then Kingdom of Prussia|Prussian town of Stettin, became its second president. He was elected at an anniversary meeting on 5 November 1843. Having acted as secretary of the society for the previous four years, he continued in this role, and that of president, for the next forty. Under Dohrn's presidency the...
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